Whitening skin covers of freckles

MaskIf you keep lots of freckles, and you are highly visible enough, best decision would indeed be an appeal to the experts, but with a bit of help to have rid of freckles and home remedies, when used meticulously and regularly. Of course, 1-st of all, we appeal to the people's recipes: they are safe, inexpensive and ever at hand.Whitening mask not alone eliminate the freckles, but as well very beneficial for the face. This cover may be of curd and cream, potatoes starch, grapefruit juice, parsley, black currant, cucumber, and other juices, fruits and vegetables.A simple recipe: black currant nectar or mashed berries blend with potatoes, grated on a nice grater. A resulting slurry was put on the face for 20 min, then wash off with cool water. This cover is not alone whitens freckles, but also reduces wrinkles and tightens enlarged pores.Its whitening and moisturizing and anti-inflammatory affinity of cucumber juice has long been known. You just claim to put on issue areas thinly sliced?? cucumber slices, not less than 20 minutes - of the this mask, It is possible to not even Thoroughly wash.Unlike cucumber juice, onion nectar to wash off, and it did not smell how sweet, similar a cucumber, but it does not whiten less efficiently.

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Use of face masks. Applying covers

MaskBut before the mask off, you demand to nicely cleanse a skin. Specifically efficacious mask however peelings, after steam bath or hot compress. Apply a mask to the massage lines.Skin cover can be applied with a brush, sponge, brushing, cotton swab or fingertips. All this must be immaculately polish.Later that, for greater capacity it is desirable to cover the face with soft gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay masks, and masks containing sweet plum, vegetables and cereals, combination facial skin bath off with lukewarm water (with a cotton swab). To strengthen the effect in the water, you can add grapefruit extract or apple cider vinegar (a teaspoonful in a glass of water). Women with ordinary to dry skin is good to apply in this case, the infusion of herbs, rather weak watter, natural milk, bisque hips, salted cold boiled water.

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Dining skin care at home

CoverAlong with a cosmetic products of gravity production to supply the skin of a skin, It is possible to use a variety of foods, which are almost always at hand. Often in our cook room and in a refrigerator there milk yoghurt, eggs, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, natural honey, cereals, olive oil and however on. These products can make your skin right-groomed and prettily. Preferring seasonal raw vegetables, fruits and berries, not alone for meal, but for outdoor apply, you will give the skin the opportunity to have out of them all a necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.And if you possess a desire, time, and opportunity, you can experiment and do the own homemade cream. For him, you will demand: dry chamomile flowers 1 spoon l., 1 tsp honey, 1 tsp. Glycerine, 1 tablespoon the butter, 1 tablespoon olive butter, egg 1 pc., camphor oil 1 teaspoonful (For dry skin type) or camphor alcohol 1 TWO tbsp (For any and combination skin type).Initially, warmth in a water bath of chamomile flowers, divorced and a 1/2 cups of boiling h2o, soak Fifteen minutes, so Strain and pour into a separate container 4 tablespoon of soup.

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Care of the neck skin: a cover and scrub for a neck skin

MaskWeekly do a cover for the neck skin and peeling. Use a scrub and cover complete in a evenings, later you enjoy processed a skin tonic. Rinse off a mask or scrub, wipe again with a neck skin tonic to restore the ordinary pH of a face, impaired when ablution. Again, apply a cream. In order not to stretch the skin, doing all these procedures should be directed to a touch with a neck skin to the side of her. Requires the same maintenance and decollete.Resembling articles:Cover Special skin care homeCover Skin leaving homeCover Face care acne.

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Apply of skin masks. Applying masks

CoverBut earlier a mask off, you need to well cleanse the face. Particularly active cover so peelings, after steam bath or hot compress. Apply the cover to a massage lines.Facial skin cover may be applied with a brushing, sponge, brush, cotton swab or fingertips. All this want be immaculately clean.Following that, for greater capacity it is desirable to cover a facial skin with hot gauze or aluminum foil.Cleansing, anti-inflammatory, astringent and clay masks, and masks containing good fresh fruit, raw vegetables and cereals, any skin wash out off with lukewarm water (with a cotton swab). To strengthen the capacity in the h2o, you can add to lemon nectar or big apple cider vinegar (a tsp. In a glass of water).

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Production of face masks: recipes

CoverThe easiest technique to prepare the mask for a facial skin - crushed sweet fruits or watermelon, and immediately put on the facial skin. If crushed vegetables or fresh fruits are juicy enough, may be added to the slurry, milk. If the slurry, on the contrary, too thin, it is added flour. It is also convenient to put whole pieces of orange, ripe tomato, cucumber and grapefruit. If the consistency of a mask is a juice, then it is used however follows: a reasonable piece of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in fresh juice, a little squeeze and put on a face and neck. Instead of gauze can be applied a thin layer of cotton wool.

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Compression from irritation of the skin

MaskPacks of parsley great soothe irritation and soothe the facial skin. You just soak in the broth of parsley gauze, put on face and keep 20 min. After compression, It is possible to not ablution.You can as well do compresses decoction of hop cones. It is indispensable to brew bumps (TWO tbsp) glass of boiling h2o, drain and apply in the configuration of warmth, however correctly however a decoction of parsley.Similar posts:Cover Skin care acneCover Facials combination skinMask Masks and skin care of the cleaning. . .

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